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In my professional life, I encountered a wide variety of projects :

  • ranging from database and graphical user interface to the development of compilers.

  • in environments going from hospitals or institutions to manufacturing industries.

  • in very different environments (in terms of programming languages, databases and operating systems),

  • in different positions such as software engineer, system engineer or project manager.

  • leading and/or coaching new team members, some without development skills, leading all of them to work independently.

This means that I'm quite flexible.​

2021 - present • ArnoHR

In a environment using Jira, Confluence & TFS, I am performing maintenance and new developments of a MFC/C++ GUI front-end. I am also working on a new module translating an in-house interpreted query language queries to SQL where clauses, performing expansion of function with parameters etc.

2016 - 2020 • OptimoDE

In an environment using Perforce, Swarm, CMake etc..., I perfomed tasks to fix bugs, added functionalities and optimized the code generated by the OptimoDE compiler, in the areas of memory mapping, syntax flow graph transformations, optimizations, etc.

2013 - 2016 • Web Information System for Healthcare - IBM

I performed maintenance and customer support of the back-end (in RPG) of a web application, as well as development of new modules. (link)

2004 - 2013 • AIX Servers management + Developments - IBM

For several customer, I performed the maintenance of their server.  I also developed, in the framework of existing internal manual tools, the automation of daily checks to ensure that the servers are kept up-to-date, keeping track of what was performed during which intervention.  Consultations of data was performed on intranet web sites in php I developed. This saved our life several times during audits.  I also developed for the team a tool allowing distributed execution of commands on a variety of heterogeneous devices.

2002 - 2003 • Product Lifecycle Management (mostly in the aerospace industry) - IBM

Among other projects, the main one was about development of a tool enforcing security in the enginering process of avionic parts, both to avoid human errors and to ensure that people follow duly these processes.

2001 - 2002 • Settlement of foreign currency exchanges between banks worldwide - IBM

Beside the maintenance and support of some modules, my main contribution was to convince the management to develop a set of tools to perform smoothly the required source code clean up. This was a highly critical task (the application server processes up to 3 millions transactions for more than 5 trillions dollars daily).  Result: 0% defect.  Later, in the project office, I was in charge of pushing urgent tasks to respect the commitments about the content of the releases. (link)

2001 - 2002 • Website for a public institution - IBM

As Project Manager, I managed a team of about 15 people during one year for this 2 M€ project.

1997 - 2000 • Tarification and billing server for Belgian hospitals - IBM

Maintenance and clean up of this application.  My pride in this project is that I convinced the management to develop a compiler to migrate the application to another environment.  Indeed, they intended to rewrite it from scratch, which would have meant about 20 man-years for development, tests etc...  My approach was to translate the source code to another programming language supporting the new environment.  It took one man-year as expected, saving much time and money.  It was a complete success.

1996 - 1997 • CT Scanner core software - Elscint

Maintenance and clean up of a home made 4th generation language engine. Related support of the other developers. I also supported them for C++ related issues, for the SeleCT (link).

1996 • White Pages - Highway Productions

Development of the first ever Macintosh White Pages CD-ROM for Belgacom, using C/C++, Powerplant and all the libraries used on the TOP 30000 project below (the good conception of the libraries made them highly reusable : almost 100% of the source code was common to the previous project)


1995 - 1996 • TOP 30000 - Highway Productions

Development of the first ever Macintosh TOP-30000 CD-ROM for Roularta, using C/C++, Powerplant, with a special focus on reusability of the source code (both cross-platform Mac/Win CD-ROM optimized DB, and Mac GUI libraries).

1994 - 1995 • Agence France Presse - RTL Informatique

Prior to the widespread use of internet, the AFP needed a private network among their worldwide offices in Paris, NewYork and Hong Kong.  My role in this project was the development of an indexed image database and a search engine using Fulcrum on Unix.

1994 - 1995 • Hippodrome de Vincennes - RTL Informatique

Using a network a Macintosh computers, the developed software managed the live boadcasting of overlaid informations on television channels of France Television (France 2 and France 3), on an on-site giant screen, and on an internal network of televisions in the hippodrome.

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