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In our team, Jacques made an impressive work converting a billing server from one language (Aion DS) to another (C++), using his knowledge in compiler's theory to create a program for the conversion.

Jacques doesn't like job protection : he is always available to help and transmit his knowledge.

Philippe Dumortier, IBM.

Jacques worked for me on the CLS project, a big international foreign exchange project. We had an issue related to source code that required quality improvement. He used advanced skills to propose an original, smooth, flexible and efficient solution to solve it. The risks with the code simply vanished with his solution : it was a plain success.

Michel Cnudde, IBM.

I had the pleasure to work with Jacques in the development team at RTL Informatique.
A time when object oriented programming was coming out of the dark and we successfully managed a lot of multi-media projects from the ground up.
Jacques always worked in a very elaborate focused way, independently and was also a valued team member keen to share his knowledge.
The kind of guy who simply knows his stuff. I remember him as an effective, honest colleague with a critical thinking but always having an open mind.
I would at any time work with him again

Frank Proost, RTL Informatique.

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